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A Spiritual Journey 06/27/2009

Posted by Dr. Barbara Sinor in 1.

New article posted online: Addiction: A Spiritual Journey. Read and let me know what you think: http://www.inspirationline.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=494



1. Omnesion - 07/11/2009

That’s a wonderful tool for explaining how different chemical’s cause the brain to reach different “state’s”. Very informative and much more fun than reading medical journal’s! Thank you! 🙂

2. Dr. Barbara Sinor - 07/11/2009


Hey Doug, thanks for your response to my article! Go to the site above to see an intervactive site which shows all the drugs and how they effect brain cells and person’s mind! It’s call the “Mouse Party” and I think you’ll enjoy it.

3. Omnesion - 07/10/2009

This article, in many way’s describe’s my way of dealing with my “unintentional” addiction to, specifically, painkiller’s. I’m most certainly NOT a religious person, I’m agnostic in fact…but as a person trained in science, I do realize the limitation’s of science…it is, by it’s very nature, a never ending and ongoing adventure…science is about using certain prescribed method’s to discover what the universe is all about. I do realize that some thing’s, at least in my lifetime, will forever be out of the realm of human understanding. That being said, I choose to believe that there is something more…in the absense of empirical proof, I cannot say what it is…therefore I am agnostic. I do consider myself a reasonable person though, and a reasonable person must eventually realize and take responsibility for their own fault’s and action’s. Thus, many year’s having passed and many struggle’s fought, I have become better at dealing with my addiction’s…and I know this site is about drug addiction, but an addiction is an addiction…the same pleasure center’s in the brain are triggered regardless of what your addiction is…be it food, video games, sex, et cetera. Thank you for the comment and reference material to my post on my blog http://dougbond.wordpress.com and thank you for dedicating so much of YOUR life and time to helping people deal with their addiction to drugs (I don’t include alcohol as a separate substance, because it is a drug…just a legal one). Good luck to all in whatever path they choose to recovering from their addiction’s! 🙂

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