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The Chemistry of Information Addiction 10/13/2009

Posted by Dr. Barbara Sinor in 1.

Scientific American 10/13/09

“Our brains, and the brains of other animals, have evolved to find information rewarding. In fact, not knowing is stressful, which is why we strive to decrease that uncertainty whenever possible. We want the information and we want it now!” The answer to why we need to have all the answers… read more




1. Online Stock Trading - 10/16/2009

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Dr. Barbara Sinor - 10/17/2009

Welcome to have you follow my Blog! Warmest wishes, Dr. Barbara Sinor Author: Gifts From the Child Within, An Inspirational Guide for the Recovering Soul, and Addiction: What’s Really Going On? Inside a Heroin Treatment Program Coming 2010:Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery Website: _www.DrSinor.com_ (http://www.drsinor.com/index.htm) Blog: _www.drsinor.wordpress.com_ (http://www.drsinor.wordpress.com/)

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