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When I Grow Up… 12/16/2009

Posted by Dr. Barbara Sinor in 1.

Here I am, almost sixty-four-years old. I could have never imagined as a little girl growing up in southern California that my life would be so full at sixty-four. My thoughts as a child were only to marry a loving man who was kind and generous; have two beautiful children that were perfect in every way; and, hope my family would still love and approve of me when I shared with them all the terrible things I did behind their backs!

Inside, I still feel about eighteen-years old, outside I look much older. I am still growing up each day. As I explore my Self when talking with others, or writing yet another book, I find my growth in ways that seem subtle and soft. My life is filled with remembered events, celebrations, and colorful ideals; it is also filled with life’s transgressions, woundedness, and moments of uncertainty.

As I continue to grow up, I assume more strength, more independence, and more courage to move toward my ultimate challenges of unveiling my true Self. Growing up comes with many heartfelt cries, but we must learn to smile through the cries of pain until our soul laughs out loud.

I sit in reflection in the dawn of a new year and my sixty-four-years of growing up–it comes to me that life is not as short as others tell us. Life is a stream of events forever unwinding then rewinding until the soul moves closer to infinity. Life enters a reality we can perceive then exits to a reality we cannot fathom but which we feel deep within us exists to further our growing up…

Happy New Year Everyone!

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