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A New Year… 12/29/2009

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As I sit to write for my Blog, my mind seems to roam to the past. Remembering experiences and events which today seem so unimportant to me currently, I begin to see the unwinding paths that interlock or cross over one another and realize how each and every experience has guided my life. Perhaps it is the wrapping-up of the old, the forgotten, the habits and issues which once were so top priority that draw me to re-explore my life at the end, or beginning, of each year. Don’t you find yourself daydreaming more at this time year? Perhaps our dreams help to ensure that the passing year really happened, or that we desire to start a new one!

Sometimes while reflecting, the “what ifs” come to play with my psyche and I begin to doubt my choices for the past year. When this happens, I tell myself what I tell my patients, “You made the best decisions you could at the time based on the information, education, and knowledge you obtained, as well as, outside input along with your inner intuition on the matter.” After telling myself this, I feel justified in my choices and move on to stumble over the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” bunch shouting in my ear! I confront this over-rated group of know-it-alls with silent answers of strength in knowing my present now out-weighs my past and I move on to thinking about my future.

A new year to conquer. If I was offered a magic crystal ball that would show me a picture of myself in one year, I would say “No thanks” because that would take all the fun out of watching my reality unfold. Just as the past seemed to unwind in strange, yet understanding ways, I know my future will do the same. Each day, each week will bring new people to my life, new experiences in which to grow, and new choices that will need to be made. I love life. When one loves to be alive, they cannot help but appreciate the magic of reality unfolding like the petals of a rose.

I look forward to discovering what 2010 has in store for me. The seeds I have planted last year, and many years before, assures my new year will blossom into a hardy tree filled with branches reaching out to many others on their path of exploration. It was one of my favorite authors, Richard Bach who coined the term “Fellow Adventurers” and I find myself repeating it often to others for we all are adventurers on this planet. Our paths may or may not cross in reality, however, our lives will always impact each other. So, dear fellow adventurer, reflect on the past year with a light-hearted feeling of knowing your choices have gotten you to this point, therefore, you are exactly where you are suppose to be–now is the time to unravel each day, each week with confidence in your manifesting abilities!


When I Grow Up… 12/16/2009

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Here I am, almost sixty-four-years old. I could have never imagined as a little girl growing up in southern California that my life would be so full at sixty-four. My thoughts as a child were only to marry a loving man who was kind and generous; have two beautiful children that were perfect in every way; and, hope my family would still love and approve of me when I shared with them all the terrible things I did behind their backs!

Inside, I still feel about eighteen-years old, outside I look much older. I am still growing up each day. As I explore my Self when talking with others, or writing yet another book, I find my growth in ways that seem subtle and soft. My life is filled with remembered events, celebrations, and colorful ideals; it is also filled with life’s transgressions, woundedness, and moments of uncertainty.

As I continue to grow up, I assume more strength, more independence, and more courage to move toward my ultimate challenges of unveiling my true Self. Growing up comes with many heartfelt cries, but we must learn to smile through the cries of pain until our soul laughs out loud.

I sit in reflection in the dawn of a new year and my sixty-four-years of growing up–it comes to me that life is not as short as others tell us. Life is a stream of events forever unwinding then rewinding until the soul moves closer to infinity. Life enters a reality we can perceive then exits to a reality we cannot fathom but which we feel deep within us exists to further our growing up…

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Article: How to find the Best Recovery Program 12/12/2009

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This article was written by the owner of a recovery program located in northern California called the Sacred Space Healing and Retreat Center.


Juvenile Drug Courts Receiving Millions! 12/04/2009

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Fantastic News!

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is accepting applications for more than $29 Million in Grants to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment for Juvenile Drug Courts.

 The purpose of this program is to expand and enhance substance abuse treatment services in courts using the Juvenile Drug Court model in order to provide alcohol and drug treatment, recovery support services and program coordination to juvenile defendants/defenders.

It is expected that up to 27 grants will be awarded for up to three years. The average annual award amount for each grantee is expected to be up to $325,000.

Re-entry Court Solutions 12/02/2009

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Please read and support this initiative for getting those being released from prison on minor drug charges settled back into society drug-free!


New Article Posted 12/01/2009

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My new article was posted today on “Rewriting Life Scripts” please read and tell me your thoughts! The little fable was not authored by me, it is titled: The Carrot, Egg, and Coffee Bean.